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Allergy Season is Upon Us!



Allergy Season is Upon Us!

As we all know, living in Austin is the best, but allergy season can be a rough time of the year for many Austinites. The natural function of eyelashes is to keep things out of our eyes, so when we wear extensions airborne allergens can become trapped in them. While we should always try and keep our eye area clean, it is extra important during this time of year to avoid any added side effects for allergy sufferers! Here are a few steps to take to ensure you are keeping your eye area in tip top condition.

  1. Use a lipstick wand or a q-tip soaked in water, saline solution, or oil-free makeup remover to clean the ENTIRE eye area from brow to lash line at least once a day. This will keep any allergen-laden debris from building up around your eye and getting into the lash area, and as an added bonus it will help make your lashes last longer, too! Lipstick wands work best to avoid q-tip fuzzies getting stuck in the lashes and we have lipstick wands available at our salons, just ask us at your next visit.
  2. Use a mascara wand to brush your lashes after showering while the lashes are still wet. This will also help remove any debris that has made its way into your lashes to prevent build up which can cause irritation and lash loss.
  3. Taking an over the counter antihistamine will usually offer some relief for most allergy symptoms. There are also natural antihistamine options that are specifically tailored to our region available at most Austin local natural food stores.
  4. When airborne allergens are high, we may be rubbing or touching our eyes more often than usual, so be as mindful as possible about not touching your eyes. If you’re worried about rubbing your eyes while you sleep, Blink sells sleep masks specifically designed for lash extensions!

As you can see, allergy season doesn’t have to mean that your lash extensions go out the window! Follow these tips and you’ll see a big improvement with any irritation you may be experiencing, not to mention that you’ll keep your lashes fuller, fluffier, and lasting longer than ever - and who doesn’t want that?

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